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Emperador marble floor restoration project

Emperador marble floor restoration: This bathroom floor had not had any professional care for sometime. It had suffered from dirt build up, minor scratching & acid etching.

Emperador marble floor restoration

After some restorative cleaning, polishing & sealing the marble is looking good & fit for service.

Emperador marble floor restoration is an particular expertise for Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners. Please contact us with your stone floor cleaning and restoration requirements.


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Restoring old flagstones

Restoring old flagstones is a speciality of Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners. This Traditional old Cotswold Limestone floor had seen many years of use so. We were asked to try to remove the many years of dirt and grime from the limestone surface while keeping the character of the natural stone flooring.

Flag stones floor before cleaning;

Old flag stones before restorationFlagstone floor cleaned restored and sealed;-

Old flag stones after restorationWe used a high specification polymer impregnating similar to highlight the limestones natural character.  Allowing the stone to breathe and adapt to changing moisture levels. Without leaving a synthetic layer over the stone. We could have removed more from the surface of the stone, but on this occasion our customer wanted to retain some of the natural stone floors’ history.

Please get in touch if we can help you with any natural stone floor restoration project. Restoring old flagstones is something we are happy to quote on.

Contact Bruce on (07775) 944596

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Cleaning or grinding a natural stone floor

What’s the difference?

Professional natural stone floor cleaning will return your floor to how it  used to look. Removing dirt & grime build up.  Old seals stripped & replaced with high performance breathable sealing products that allow you to choose the level of shine & depth of colour.

Grinding a natural stone floor & resurfacing allows us to refinish the floor in situ to a high specification. Completely removing the existing surface & imperfections;


Grind a natural stone floor

Giving you a beautiful, completely level  floor. Choose between  naturally honed & polished finishes, tailored to your requirements

These coins demonstrate the uneven nature of these limestone floor tiles. Before grinding;-

Before grinding a natural stone floor

After grinding & honing;-

After grinding a natural stone floor

This completely smooth and even finish is really simple to maintain

Please get in contact if you would like to discuss the best option for your natural stone floor or need a quote on grinding a natural stone floor.

Cheltenham; (01242) 577557

South Cotswolds; (01453) 756308

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Polished concrete floor in the Cotswolds

Polished concrete floor

Close up of polished concrete floor

Concrete floor polishing has been available commercially for some time now. more recently it has become desirable in the domestic environment. The ability to create an almost glass light finish now makes it a beautiful finish in some of the most contemporary homes around the Gloucestershire & the West Country. It provides a floor with fantastic resistant to wear.

Professionally polished concrete floor

Professionally polished concrete floor

Choices are available for colouring;-

Colouring concrete

By specifying the colour of the aggregate and cement used A wide range of finishes it’s possible to achieve. For sample a white aggregate with a black background creates a galaxy appearance.

Shiny concrete

With all concrete polishing system we are able to provide any level of showing that is required. From a light honed to finish A deep shine with high clarity.

Sealing polished concrete

The polishing process on the concrete surface provides a high level of natural protection. However it is always recommended to seal the concrete after polishing to prevent any spills or stains penetrating into the surface. The seal provides the concrete with a final defence against staining.

if you would like to talk to us about any aspect of concrete floor polishing please get in contact or call Cotswold stone floor cleaners on (01242) 577557




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Limestone kitchen floor restoration in Burford, Oxfordshire

Limestone tiled kitchen floor BEFORE restoration

Limestone tiled kitchen floor BEFORE restoration

Limestone tiled kitchen floor AFTER restoration

Limestone tiled kitchen floor AFTER restoration

Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners were commissioned by a Burford kitchen company to restore this Limestone tiled floor during the kitchen renovation. It is the perfect time to undertake this type of work. If you have had a problem with a natural stone floor give us a call before you think of removing it. We can offer many restoration options including, resealing, colour enhancing, removing lumps & bumps ( diamond grinding) to most types of natural stone floors

Limestone tiled kitchen floor BEFORE restoration

Limestone tiled kitchen floor BEFORE restoration

Limestone Kitchen Floor tiles, after professional cleaning

Limestone Kitchen Floor tiles, after professional cleaning

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Carrara marble restoration project

Earlier this year we were asked to carry out some restoration work on the Carrara marble floor of a prestigious building in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The floor was approximately 20 years old and had not received any care over and above mop and bucket.

It had suffered damage increasing  over the years. As the polished surface was compromised the continued footfall worked the damage further into the marble surface causing deep pitting and scratches.

We were asked to bring the marble back to life, whilst retaining some of the character and aged appearance.

After preparing the work area, we began with the most aggressive process to remove the deepest damage to the marble. It was at this stage we had to strike a balance between a complete restoration and preserving some of the character that the client was keen to retain. Once we were happy we had struck the correct balance we moved on through progressively less aggressive stages. Finishing with a final  hone to provide the satin sheen finished requested by our client.

The floor was then sealed using a high-grade impregnating Sealing product that penetrated into the stone surface creating a highly effective water repelling ability to the marble floor tiles.

Where possible we will always achieve the required finish to the stone through natural polishing methods. Then use a impregnating sealing product. This then allows the stone to breath naturally allowing for changes in moisture levels in the sub floor without compromising the stone surface. If a non-breathable synthetic sealer is applied to natural stone. The stone can react to the synthetic surface, shrugging it off and leaving the stone unprotected. The client was very happy with the finish we achieved and has appointed us on other stone restoration projects since.

If you have any questions on your own restoration project please do get in contact with us; 01242 577557

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Sealing Cotswold Limestone

Sealing Cotswold Limestone, all natural stone is porous, but few more than Cotswold Limestone. It can be very difficult to get your properly sealed if it is made from Cotswold stone. Through years of practise & testing we can fully seal a Cotswold stone floor.

A seal doesn’t prevent wear on the stone surface. But it does stop soils & spills seeping into the body of the stone.

Professionally cleaned &; sealed Cotswold limestone

Professionally cleaned & sealed Cotswold limestone

This will make your on going floor maintenance much more effective.

Contact us if you would like to talk to us about your stone floor

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Concrete floor cleaning

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