Stone Floor Cleaning Jargon – Glossary of Terms

October 29, 2018 Posted by Bruce Swait In Stone care

Stone Floor Cleaning Jargon / Glossary of Terms

We thought it would be helpful to put together a simple stone floor cleaning glossary of terms.

When it comes to floor cleaning there is often a lot of jargon that gets thrown around which is often completely misunderstood or simply confusing. Floor waxing, floor stripping and floor sealing,  floor buffing and burnishing are some of the processes used to clean stone floors to a professional standard. In order for us to make a decision on the best bespoke service for our customer`s floor it is essential that we gather as much information about the state of their floors as possible.

We have outlined a few jargon busters below to help you understand the process that we deliver to rejuvenate your stone floor to the highest standards.

Floor Waxing

Floor waxing involves stripping your floors via a stripping solution and a stripping machine. This removes the old layer of floor finish or wax that may be scratched or stained. Once this layer is removed a new coating of wax is applied to your floors. This will make your floors shine and look bright again.

Buffing and Burnishing

Buffing is a short-term way of making your floors shine. A buffing machine will work out any surface scratches there are in the finish. This will make the floor surface flatter which gives off more glow. Buffing will also smooth out your floors reducing the chances of a slip and fall accident. Burnishing is basically the same process as buffing just at a higher speed for more damaged and scratched floors.

Floor Washing

Sometimes a simple floor washing may be what is required. Floor washing is generally done on a regular basis to prolong the need for other floor cleaning and maintenance tasks. Floor washing will help remove small dirt particles that if not cleaned up will scratch floors and make them lose colour.

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