Stone Floor Cleaning FAQs

Stone Floor Cleaning FAQs

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The exact details of any estimate will depend on the kind of stone you have, the location and the traffic conditions. However any stone restoration estimate should be in writing and give a clear statement of the state of your floor, a clear explanation of the work needed to restore your floor to the desired condition and a fixed price for the work.

There are several reasons. Amongst the more common reasons are: maintain an attractive appearance, protect the significant investment in your stone floor, a healthier living environment, avoiding further damage to your property, increased property value and peace of mind.

The majority of our domestic work can be completed in one or two days. However, as we are a full-service stone floor restoration contractor, there are some larger scale jobs that may take many days to complete. In every case, our estimate will clarify the expected completion time.

It really depends on the work we need to do. Our estimates are free of charge for this very reason. We have the training and experience to recommend the most practical and economical solution for your particular situation. In general, smaller jobs may only be a few hundred pounds; larger scale jobs can be several thousand pounds.

A beautiful stone floor will help you maximise the value of your house. Prospective purchasers may be concerned at the cost of restoring and maintaining a stone floor, especially if they have little or no experience in looking after stone flooring.

We restore all sizes of stone floor. Small stone floors, especially those in bathrooms, shower areas and bathrooms often need more hand work because they are too small for heavy stone machinery.

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