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Stone type identification

Different natural stone types have different acidity and alkalinity as well as varying degrees of porosity. It is these natural stone types characteristics that will determine the correct stone restoration procedure. It is important for you to know the stone type of your tiled floor or walls to ensure you are caring for it in the correct way. With the correct products and procedures, you can enhance the look and longevity of your stone tiles. It is also possible to spoil the stone’s finish if the wrong approach is taken. Fortunately, almost all of these situations can be addressed and improved.

Natural stone tiles vary greatly and so does the correct approach in natural stone tile cleaning. Some natural stone tile cleaners or stone restorers are not fully equipped to vary their approach according to the stone type or desired result. They can therefore not always get the best from the natural stone and at worst damage the stone tiles. If a stone floor restorer appears too cheap or lacking in specific knowledge then it would be advisable to seek help elsewhere. See our About Us page to get a fuller picture of our approach to stone restoration and cleaning stone floor tiles

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