Stone Polishing

Polished Natural Stone Floors

The options for natural stone polishing can appear endless. We can help you choose the right approach to get the best from you floor.
Natural stone polishing can be split into two main areas;

1. Natural polishing

Working directly on the stone surface with abrasive materials, often diamonds. The courser the abrasive the more stone is removed. This is know as grinding. Medium abrasive stages are know as honing. The finest stages are the polishing stages. Still using abrasives, the stones surface is closed up. removing the scratch marks from the honing processes. Hard Limestone, Marble & granite are the most widely seen polished stone surfaces. They polish so well that they do not require an artificial surface to make them shine. Then a high quality seal is applied into the body of the stone.

2. Topical Polishing

A synthetic product applied to the stone surface once it is clean & dry. The amount of shine can be controll depending upon the desired out come. This application will also help to protect the stones surface from spills. Polishing products contain wax or polymers to create a reflective finish.

This method is often used on stone surfaces that do not respond to natural polishing.

  • Quick to apply
  • Cheap
  • Will create a shine from soft surfaces
  • No specific machinery or training necessary



  • Should only be used on floors that have a DPC as the product will prevent the surface from breathing
  • Will scratch & ware out in the heaviest use areas
  • Can be difficult & expensive to remove
  • Depth & clarity of shine are compromised
  • The finish may look synthetic

The word sincere¬†comes from the Italian marble polishing industry & means ‘without wax’. Where ever possible we will produce a sincere finish to the floors we work on. This is a highly skilled process that we have travelled to Italy to prefect. Stone is a natural product, each floor is different and requires an experienced technician to get the best from it. Not all floor polishers are the same!

A naturally polished floor will last longer, allowing the floor to breathe & age more sympathetically

No wax! just ‘know how’ & hardwork

Reasons to polish a stone floor;
1/ Appearance
2/ Protection
3/ light relectivity

Limestone Floor BEFORE Cleaning & Polishing

Limestone tiles before polishing

Limestone Floor AFTER Cleaning & Polishing

Cotswold limestone after cleaning & natural polishing

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