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Historic Cotswold flag stones restored

Today’s job in Painswick was a great success;

“Thank you for doing a great job cleaning up our flagstone floor as well as your friendly service.

These historic Cotswold flag stones have been relayed around 20 years ago but not properly cleaned or restored before installation.

After the initial strip and hone we were able to assess the damage. We set the work removing a layer of bitumen and cement residues from a few of the flag stones. While making sure we preserve the warm surface and natural Bettina of the old flag stones

Once the stones were in good order we applied a coat or penetrating sealer to block this Limestone is natural porosity.

The final process was to apply I thin layer of Italian for wax and burnish to subtle warm sheen.

Posted by Bruce Swait

Tumbled travertine kitchen floor restoration

Really pleased to receive words from our client today in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire:-

”Thank you so much, Bruce. You arrived exactly on time this morning and worked cleanly and efficiently. I was worried about the dust that may be caused by the process but there was no need to worry as there was absolutely no mess! My floor looks so good and I am really pleased with the result. Would definitely recommend you to anyone with a tired looking stone floor. Marvellous! ‘

The floor has been installed well over 10 years ago. Higher areas of use around the kitchen island had suffered from ground in dirt and soiling that wasn’t removed with standard maintenance cleaning. In other areas the natural holes that occur in travertine had opened up over time.

We were able to concentrate on these problem areas and continue the surface throughout the whole installation cleaning deep into the stone and sealing and polishing it to give a consistent finish throughout

Posted by Bruce Swait

Builders clean on limestone floor

Sometimes even the most diligent builder doesn’t possess the correct skills and equipment to finish and otherwise well installed natural stone floor. We were asked to attend this property in Gloucestershire near Tewkesbury to assess the floor as the owner was unable to maintain it to the degree she would like.

After a closer look we discovered that although the floor had received an application of sealer the stone was not fully repellent thereby making cleaning attempts ineffective.

Once we had fully stripped and cleaned the floor we were able to apply the The correct professional sealer for this type of limestone and re-finish the floor to create the look they only wanted and improving their ability to maintain it themselves.

Don’t give up on your natural stone floor if you are struggling to keep it clean or if it doesn’t look quite as you think it should. In almost all instances we can improve and restore the floor to estate that will enable you to maintain and enjoy it.

Posted by Bruce Swait

Polished Concrete, Cheltenhan

Popped back to a job we completed a couple of years ago. The polished concrete kitchen floor in Cheltenham was still looking great, just needed a little freshen up from us

We were really pleased to see how well the floor was standing up to the wear & tear, and by the time we given it a quick refresh it was looking as good as the day it was installed

Posted by Bruce Swait

Swimming pool; slate surround limescale removal. Completed job

These photographs demonstrate how with the right procedure limescale and other contaminants from the pool can be effectively removed leaving the natural stone looking its bestThe slate has been resealed to make ongoing maintenance more effective. we will come back annually to prevent the limescale building up to such an extent again in the future

Posted by Bruce Swait

Swimming pool; –Slate surround limescale removal.Photographs from before the work was started

Today we are in Wiltshire tackling a large domestic swimming pool that has black slate surround covered with excessive lime scale buildup

Slate pool surround limescale removal

This is a very specific type of natural stone restoration. After a succession of caustic & acidic applications the Slate will be neutralised & sealed

Posted by Bruce Swait

Flag stone Cleaning

Flag stone natural or concrete can collect a lot of dirt & grime over the years. It becomes harder to remove the longer it remains on the stones surface.

With the right combination of processes we are able to strip, deep clean, seal & polish the floor getting it looking as good as new again.

The floor shown is a a concrete or composite flag stone floor fully restored by us.

Posted by Bruce Swait

Cleaning & polishing Roche Marron Limestone

It’s always a pleasure to work with a high quality natural stone. Artisans of Devizes Roche Marron Limestone is a beautiful natural material that there’s a parcel resemblance to Cotswold stone.

This floor had had years of family use and was in need of some TLC. The home in a small village on the outskirts of Cheltenham have been very well maintained but the floor had gone beyond what was possible domestically. Standard lost that shine and the grout lines had become very dirty.

Once we’d carefully removed all the old seals and soils from the stone and grout lines, we set about naturally polishing the limestone tiles with diamond abrasives. Making the stone shine naturally stops the need for acrylic varnish styled sealers that prevent the stone from breathing. Naturally polished stone gives a more robust and attractive finish to the stone.

If you’d like to talk to us about re-finishing and cleaning your stone floor please get in contact

Posted by Bruce Swait
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