Limestone polishing in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

July 5, 2024 Posted by Bruce Swait In Uncategorized

We completed a great project recently in Woodstock just North of Oxford. The floor was laid just before the 2021 lockdown & had not quite lived up to expectation. Sometimes a the final floor just doesn’t look like the display in the showroom.

The owners had tried a few tile shop remedies & had another application of sealer but nothing seemed to bring it together.

We began by stripping the floor back, removing all of the original seals & subsequent attempts. We have trained in Italy to refinish new installation floors. Removing any residues & product buildups that’s may reduce the finish.

We used a light abrasion (honing) to create a low shine, even finish to work up from

From here we were able to increase the shine with several diamond passes. Diamond polishing the surface of natural stone increases the shine & luster.

This has the obvious benefit of increasing the light refractivity and shine of the overall floor. But in addition we have physically reduced the porosity of the stone surface by closing up the surface tension to create the natural shine.

Turn the most obvious benefit of this is a lovely shiny floor. The less obvious benefit is the stone is now less porous and therefore more naturally able to repel spills and stains. Because we have achieved the look the client wanted with the natural polishing process we are not reliant on a synthetic sealer sitting on the surface of the stone for the repellency. These tend to yellow over time & wear away leaving the stone without protection. We can use a high density impregnating sealing product that sits within the body of the stone making the actual stone body water repellent. While the high shine surface is easy to keep clean as the dirt finds it harder to stick to it

This method of sealing and protecting stone is preferable because Lucyna won’t wear away from the surface and finish is better because you are dealing directly with a natural stone surface rather than a plastic coating over the floor

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