Limestone polishing in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

We completed a great project recently in Woodstock just North of Oxford. The floor was laid just before the 2021 lockdown & had not quite lived up to expectation. Sometimes a the final floor just doesn’t look like the display in the showroom.

The owners had tried a few tile shop remedies & had another application of sealer but nothing seemed to bring it together.

We began by stripping the floor back, removing all of the original seals & subsequent attempts. We have trained in Italy to refinish new installation floors. Removing any residues & product buildups that’s may reduce the finish.

We used a light abrasion (honing) to create a low shine, even finish to work up from

From here we were able to increase the shine with several diamond passes. Diamond polishing the surface of natural stone increases the shine & luster.

This has the obvious benefit of increasing the light refractivity and shine of the overall floor. But in addition we have physically reduced the porosity of the stone surface by closing up the surface tension to create the natural shine.

Turn the most obvious benefit of this is a lovely shiny floor. The less obvious benefit is the stone is now less porous and therefore more naturally able to repel spills and stains. Because we have achieved the look the client wanted with the natural polishing process we are not reliant on a synthetic sealer sitting on the surface of the stone for the repellency. These tend to yellow over time & wear away leaving the stone without protection. We can use a high density impregnating sealing product that sits within the body of the stone making the actual stone body water repellent. While the high shine surface is easy to keep clean as the dirt finds it harder to stick to it

This method of sealing and protecting stone is preferable because Lucyna won’t wear away from the surface and finish is better because you are dealing directly with a natural stone surface rather than a plastic coating over the floor

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Professional porcelain floor cleaning, Gloucestershire

Porcelain & ceramic tiles have been a popular flooring option for years. Now with more detailed designs & larger formats the options are endless. Home cleaning is great but every few years your floor will need some professional help to keep it at its best

Unveiling the Brilliance of Your Porcelain Tiles: Why Hire a Pro

Porcelain tiles are a beautiful and durable flooring choice, but even the most resilient surfaces need some TLC. While regular cleaning can maintain a decent shine, professional cleaning offers a whole new level of restoration, revealing the true potential of your porcelain masterpiece.

Here’s why you should ditch the DIY and call in the professionals:

  • Deeper Clean, Healthier Home: Professionals wield powerful tools and specialized solutions to deal with dirt and grime embedded deep within the tiles and grout. This not only makes your floor gleam, but also eliminates allergens and bacteria, creating a healthier environment.

  • Scratch Savior: Accidents happen! Professional cleaners can assess and buff out minor scratches, restoring the smooth, pristine surface of your porcelain tiles.

  • The Grout Guru: Grout, the nemesis of sparkling floors, is no match for a pro. They have the expertise and equipment to remove stubborn stains and grime, leaving your grout lines looking fresh and new.

  • Revive and Repolish: Over time, porcelain tiles can lose their luster. Professional cleaning services often include re-polishing, a magical process that brings back that radiant, like-new shine, transforming the entire look and feel of your space.

  • Knowledge is Power: Professionals understand the unique properties of porcelain and use cleaning methods specifically designed to avoid damage. This ensures your beautiful tiles stay that way for years to come.

  • Time is Precious: Free up your valuable time! Professional cleaning is a breeze – they handle everything, leaving you with a sparkling floor and more time to relax and enjoy your home.

Invest in the lasting beauty of your porcelain floors. Call our professional cleaning service today and witness the remarkable transformation!

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Swimming pool: Slate limescale removal from pool surround

Today we are in Wiltshire tackling a large domestic swimming pool that has black slate surround covered with excessive lime scale build-up. Slate limescale removal is a specific professional service we offer.

limescale build-up on slate swimming pool surround

limescale stains on slate swimming pool surround

Slate pool surround limescale removal

This is a very specific type of natural stone restoration. After a succession of caustic & acidic applications the Slate will be neutralised & sealed

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Victorian tile floor restoration (cleaning & sealing)

Victorian Tile Restoration (Cleaning & Sealing)

Victorian tile floor restoration (cleaning & sealing) is a specialism of Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners. Hope you enjoy this short film of a Victorian tiled hallway before & after professional cleaning & sealing.

Please get in contact if you have a similar floor you would like some help with your geometric Minton tiled floor.

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Granite & Limestone hallway floor restoration

Sometimes we get asked to do jobs that are an absolute pleasure! This Granite & Limestone hallway floor restoration ticked all the boxes.

We came in at the of an architectural refurbishment on a beautiful Old vicarage between Tetbury & Cirencester. Granite and limestone floor

Initially we were expecting it to be a relatively routine deep clean & seal.

Although the job didn’t turn out to be much more complicated than expected, the final result surprised & pleased everyone. The before and after photos of this Granite & Limestone hallway floor restoration really showed off the hard work.

Polishing granite and Limestone at the same time Can through up complications. Fortunately we were over to overcome all these and make the floor look as good as new

Granite & Limestone floor after polishDo let us know if you would like any help advice with any aspect of natural stone floor care or renovations

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Polished Concrete in Cheltenham

Polished concrete Cheltenham: We were asked to provide a polished concrete floor for a new kitchen extension in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Polishing concrete as a finished flooring solution has been available in the commercial environment for a number of years. The antithetical qualities that have made it popular in the domestic environment are not always so important to business. It works a as a practical option primarily because it is extremely durable and hard to stain or spoil. Making maintenance much more simple. An other benefit to the commercial sector is the increased light reflectively of the polished surface greatly reduces lighting costs.

These benefits to business are a real help in the domestic environment as well. You ability to effectively maintain & care for your floor is greatly increased when you choose polished concrete. With the right maintenance you can keep it looking like its just been professionally finished for longer

Once the concrete had cured & dried our work began

Concrete floor before polishing

Concrete floor before polishing


Concrete floor before polishing

Concrete floor before polishing

We removed the surface and improved the layer below to a stronger more attractive finish


After - polished concrete Cheltenham

Concrete floor after polishing

After - polished concrete Cheltenham

Concrete floor after polishing

Please see our detailed information page on concrete floor polishing. If you are considering options for flooring please get in contact & we will help you with any questions

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Sealing & polishing flag stones

Sealing & polishing flag stones before and after

Sealing & polishing flag stones before and after

Sealing & polishing flag stones, while the kitchen units were removed from the room we stripped & cleaned the limestone flag stones.

This was a relatively routine stone floor cleaning but will help significantly with the ongoing maintenance of the floor. The final seal & polishing will stop the stone from staining so readily.

A shine can be added to flag stones by agitating & working the stone so that the surface naturally tightens up forming a polish or Belby layer. This is a better finish for natural stone than a synthetic sealer or wax that will spoil & wear out over time.

Each stone and floor is different and so is the approach to their care & maintenance. If you have any questions about caring for your stone floor please get in contact.

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Limestone floor restoration – before and after video

Limestone floor restoration project

Professional restoration cleaning & sealing work carried out on a limestone floor in Winchcombe near Cheltenham. This Limestone floor restoration project is one of a number we have done recently where we have been able to transform the Limestone surface using professional tools and techniques.

Please contact us with your limestone floor restoration and cleaning needs.

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Limestone stain removal

A common issue on limestone and other calcite based stones is marking that looks like staining or watermarks on the surface of the tile. These marks cannot be wiped or cleaned away. They are more noticeable on polished stone surfaces. We offer professional limestone stain removal services.

The before picture on the left shows where vinegar has been dropped onto grey limestone. The acid in the vinegar attacked the stone causing an etch mark to the surface. The limestone has been physically altered by the vinegar no amount of buffing cleaning scrubbing will improve it.

Limestone floor stain removal

Limestone floor stain removal – before, during and after photo

Please contact us with your limestone cleaning requirements.

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French Limestone restoration & sealing

The French limestone tiles were sealed & installed four years ago. As with most kitchen floors the stone has been subjected to food and drinks spills and needed our French Limestone restoration experience. The tiles were beginning to show signs of wear & tear including some acid etching and minor scratches.

After we had removed the remnants of sealer and soils from the natural stone & grout, we then repaired the etching and scratch marks. This was done with several grades of Diamond abrasives. Initial harsher grades repaired the damage to the stone. Following Diamond work polished stone giving a warm natural satin sheen to the Stones surface.

Limestone kitchen floor sealed & restored

Limestone kitchen floor sealed & restored

French Limestone after restoration

French Limestone after restoration

This French limestone has a similar look to Cotswold stone while being a little harder, making it more durable.

French Limestone after photos

French Limestone

We can improve & restore almost all natural stone floors. Please get in Contact with us if you have any flooring issues you would like some professional help or advice

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