Stone Floor Cleaning Process

Get to know more about our stone floor cleaning process: At home or in commercial premises, Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners can complete hard floor cleans and stone floor cleaning in and around Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and Cirencester. We have experience cleaning stone floors in both residential and commercial properties. We can clean and protect your stone floor using low odour, up to date stone floor cleaning methods and products. This not only increases lifespan and durability but also includes a protective coating to help with stain resistance and make daily maintenance more manageable. Once we leave your property, not only will you have a very clean stone floor, but we will also provide you with the knowledge of how to clean a stone floor and leave complimentary products to assist with on-going maintenance. On many floor types we are able to alter the finish. Our main Stone Floor Treatments


During the stone floor cleaning process we will check the condition of your stone floor tiles to establish the best processes for the floor to under go. A big part of this is our conversation with you to establish precisely what you want from your floor. So that we know we are doing just what you want from your stone tiles.


We are very keen that the cleaning process is as painless to you and your surroundings as possible. So we will cover and protect any sensitive surfaces.

Dry soil Removal

Any loose or dry soil such as sand and grit is removed to remove the potential for scratching the stone surface.

Deep clean and stripping

Application of stripping solution applied with a selection of agitating pads and brushes. This cleans deep down into the stone and grout. Removal of all the soils & slurry followed by rinsing & neutralisation.


Ph neutralisation and rinsing will prepare the stone surface for further treatments.

Conditioning the Stone

A Blend of conditioners will reinstate with the stones natural oils and enhance its colour before polishing.


Application by hand of the seal of your choice to protect the stone surface. Several coats will be applied to achieve the best look and protection depending on the stones porosity. This will protect the natural stone floor in the future improving your regular maintenance with its protective layer.

Why Bother!

All natural stones floor are different and natural surfaces are high maintenance. Having the stone sealed from the start will protect your investment. Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners will continue to assist you with your floor maintenance. We will advise you on the best products and procedures to keep the stone looking its best for years to come.

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