Natural Stone Sealing

Cotswold Natural Stone Sealing

All stone is porous and will absorb spills and dirt. Natural Stone Sealing ensures dirt and grime will not be absorbed by the stone and spoil its appearance. Cotswold stone floor cleaners are natural stone specialists and will provide you with the correct sealant for your stone. The wrong sealer can leave the floor looking dull or too shiny and synthetic.
There have been many innovations in the sealer market place;

Marble can be acid and stain resistant, while impervious to heat damage without any change to its appearance.

Grout can be water repellent and have its colour changed. From black to white and be to black and all the colours in between!

Granite, traditionally very hard to seal, can now be completely grease repellent

Having your stone floor sealed correctly will enhance its appearance and durability. It will also make the on going maintenance simple.

We operate a ‘whole market’ policy and are always on the look out for improvements in the industry

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