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Stone Floor Cleaning Experts based in Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud & Cirencester.

Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners offer the highest quality professional Stone Floor and hard surface cleaning services in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and South West of England.

From regular cleaning and maintenance to restoration, resurfacing, sealing & polishing all types of natural stone flooring.

As Stone Floor Cleaning Experts, we have worked hard to develop a strong reputation for top quality stone floor cleaning services throughout the West country. Using high specification machinery and products our fully trained staff deliver the best value for money.

What You Can Expect

  • Professional Service
  • Stunning Results
  • Quality Care instructions
  • Preservation

Our Approach

In the early days stone floor cleaning was all done with plenty of elbow grease. A mop, a bucket and some noxious chemicals were used in the stone restoration. This method is still widely used and can deliver some acceptable results. It is however time comsuming and potentially harmful to the evironment and those around the process.

Stone care has evolving

Stone care is continuously evolving. The industry is continuing develop better & better methods & products. Many environmentally friendly options and specific machinery allowing the work to be undertaken quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption as possible. We are in contact with the leading stone care producers & importers to make sure we balance history & tradition with the innovation & R&D of today’s leading suppliers. It is no longer necessary to spend  4 to 5 days wearing breathing apparatus using noxious chemicals to clean a typical stone kitchen floor. Today’s stone care products and techniques are safer and give much more reliable results. Get in touch to see some specific information about your stone restoration project

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