Concrete polishing

Polished Concrete, Cheltenham

Popped back to a job we completed a couple of years ago. The polished concrete kitchen floor in Cheltenham was still looking great, just needed a little freshen up from us.

We were really pleased to see how well the floor was standing up to the wear & tear, and by the time we given it a quick refresh it was looking as good as the day it was installed.

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Concrete work surface restoration & polish

Concrete worktop restoration

Hope you like this short film of a concrete worktop restoration & polish we did recently. Restoration of polished concrete work surfaces is an area we have branched out into and become market leaders in, using very specific tools, techniques and expertise  to restore concrete work surfaces back to new and ensure many years of useful service.

If you have a concrete worktop restoration which is no longer looking it’s best and you would like a quote on restoration please contact us.

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Polished Concrete in Cheltenham

Polished concrete Cheltenham: We were asked to provide a polished concrete floor for a new kitchen extension in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Polishing concrete as a finished flooring solution has been available in the commercial environment for a number of years. The antithetical qualities that have made it popular in the domestic environment are not always so important to business. It works a as a practical option primarily because it is extremely durable and hard to stain or spoil. Making maintenance much more simple. An other benefit to the commercial sector is the increased light reflectively of the polished surface greatly reduces lighting costs.

These benefits to business are a real help in the domestic environment as well. You ability to effectively maintain & care for your floor is greatly increased when you choose polished concrete. With the right maintenance you can keep it looking like its just been professionally finished for longer

Once the concrete had cured & dried our work began

Concrete floor before polishing

Concrete floor before polishing


Concrete floor before polishing

Concrete floor before polishing

We removed the surface and improved the layer below to a stronger more attractive finish


After - polished concrete Cheltenham

Concrete floor after polishing

After - polished concrete Cheltenham

Concrete floor after polishing

Please see our detailed information page on concrete floor polishing. If you are considering options for flooring please get in contact & we will help you with any questions

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Concrete polishing in the Cotswolds & Gloucestershire

We wanted to share some concrete polishing process photographs of our latest concrete polishing project.

The first three pictures show the concrete slab after installation as the builders left it. Showing concrete floor before the polishing process beingsThe concrete slab ready for polishingThe concrete polishing process starting to take effect

The client request was to polish the concrete cream. To do this the slab must be laid and finished extremely well with no high or low spots to allow the machinery to agitate the surface without removing much of the top layer. The cream is the most fragile part of the slab and often requires hardening and densifying to give it the consistency to polish.

The floor was not as level as we may have hoped however we were able to retain 90% of the cream exposing minimal aggregate leaving this old blacksmiths unit with a contemporary and slightly rustic looking highly durable floor

Polished concrete floor starting to shineThe beauty of a shiny polished concrete floorAfter the concrete polishing process is complete
The finish is created by running have a high powered machines over and over the concrete. With the concrete polishing process complete there is no synthetic topping on the floor which will increase the durability and life time of the slab. Polished concrete is arguably the most durable floor finish available to the the commercial and domestic market. This floor also has under floor heating installed

If you like to know any more about our concrete polishing processes or concrete installation for polishing please get in contact:-

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