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Flagstone Cleaning

Flagstone cleaning is necessary on a regular bases as natural or concrete flagstones can collect a lot of dirt & grime over the years. It becomes harder to remove the longer it remains on the stones surface of the flagstones.

Our flagstone cleaning allows the correct combination of processes to strip, deep clean, seal & polish the flagstone floor getting it looking as good as new again.

The floor shown is a a concrete or composite flag stone floor fully restored by the team at Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners. Please contact us for a free quote to clean your flagstones!

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Cleaning & polishing Roche Marron Limestone

It’s always a pleasure to work with a high quality natural stone. Artisans of Devizes Roche Marron Limestone is a beautiful natural material that has a partial resemblance to Cotswold stone.

This Roche Marron Limestone floor had had years of family use and was in need of some TLC. The home in a small village on the outskirts of Cheltenham have been very well maintained but the floor had gone beyond what was possible to restore domestically. Standard lost that shine and the grout lines had become very dirty.

Once we’d carefully removed all the old seals and soils from the stone and grout lines, we set about naturally polishing the limestone tiles with diamond abrasives. Making the stone shine naturally stops the need for acrylic varnish styled sealers that prevent the stone from breathing. Naturally polished stone gives a more robust and attractive finish to the stone.

If you’d like to talk to us about re-finishing and cleaning your stone floor please get in contact

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Improve the colour of natural stone floors

Over time natural stone floors can begin to look tired and unloved. Our professional cleaning processes can improve the colour of natural stone floors.

Floors have a hard life, take a lot of wear. The natural variations in the surface and the tiny pores collect soil and dirt as we walk over them.

But other factors take a toll on natural stone too, strong sunlight can have a bleaching effect on the stone surface. Along with some proprietary cleaning products will actually strip the colour from the stone.

We called in to a property near Northleach just East of Cheltenham to help out with the slate stone floor which was not looking its best.

After removing all of the old sealers and ground in dirt, we were able to expose the natural stone surface ready for the next process. We chose a product that would help ongoing maintenance of the stone draw out the colour & beauty of the Slate.

Unlike old-fashioned or cheap sealers this process does not leave a veneer-like plastic surface on the natural stone. The sealer molecules penetrate into the pours of the stone. Sealers that rely on covering the surface of the stone wear out in the main walkways where they are needed the most.

This penetrating sealer works from within the body of the stone repelling moisture and dirt.

Please contact us for a free quote to improve the colour of natural stone floors in your property.

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Professional deep cleaning porcelain restaurant floor

Professional porcelain floor cleaning, this restaurant floor and receive no professional attention for well over a decade. The porcelain tiles held onto a lot of the soil because of their textured nonslip surface. It took several successive applications and processes to get the floor looking like new again

We did a final pass with the high-speed machine to burn off the surface making it more repellent to spills and dirt.

Please get in contact if you like us to give advice on any of your floors

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Stone Floor Cleaning Jargon – Glossary of Terms

Stone Floor Cleaning Jargon / Glossary of Terms

We thought it would be helpful to put together a simple stone floor cleaning glossary of terms.

When it comes to floor cleaning there is often a lot of jargon that gets thrown around which is often completely misunderstood or simply confusing. Floor waxing, floor stripping and floor sealing,  floor buffing and burnishing are some of the processes used to clean stone floors to a professional standard. In order for us to make a decision on the best bespoke service for our customer`s floor it is essential that we gather as much information about the state of their floors as possible.

We have outlined a few jargon busters below to help you understand the process that we deliver to rejuvenate your stone floor to the highest standards.

Floor Waxing

Floor waxing involves stripping your floors via a stripping solution and a stripping machine. This removes the old layer of floor finish or wax that may be scratched or stained. Once this layer is removed a new coating of wax is applied to your floors. This will make your floors shine and look bright again.

Buffing and Burnishing

Buffing is a short-term way of making your floors shine. A buffing machine will work out any surface scratches there are in the finish. This will make the floor surface flatter which gives off more glow. Buffing will also smooth out your floors reducing the chances of a slip and fall accident. Burnishing is basically the same process as buffing just at a higher speed for more damaged and scratched floors.

Floor Washing

Sometimes a simple floor washing may be what is required. Floor washing is generally done on a regular basis to prolong the need for other floor cleaning and maintenance tasks. Floor washing will help remove small dirt particles that if not cleaned up will scratch floors and make them lose colour.

If you have any questions or would like to book your free quote please contact us on 01452 712662 or send us an e-mail on


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Concrete work surface restoration & polish

Concrete worktop restoration

Hope you like this short film of a concrete worktop restoration & polish we did recently. Restoration of polished concrete work surfaces is an area we have branched out into and become market leaders in, using very specific tools, techniques and expertise  to restore concrete work surfaces back to new and ensure many years of useful service.

If you have a concrete worktop restoration which is no longer looking it’s best and you would like a quote on restoration please contact us.

Please leave us your feedback or visit our polished concrete flooring page

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Victorian tile floor restoration (cleaning & sealing)

Victorian Tile Restoration (Cleaning & Sealing)

Victorian tile floor restoration (cleaning & sealing) is a specialism of Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners. Hope you enjoy this short film of a Victorian tiled hallway before & after professional cleaning & sealing.

Please get in contact if you have a similar floor you would like some help with your geometric Minton tiled floor.

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Granite & Limestone hallway floor restoration

Sometimes we get asked to do jobs that are an absolute pleasure! This Granite & Limestone hallway floor restoration ticked all the boxes.

We came in at the of an architectural refurbishment on a beautiful Old vicarage between Tetbury & Cirencester. Granite and limestone floor

Initially we were expecting it to be a relatively routine deep clean & seal.

Although the job didn’t turn out to be much more complicated than expected, the final result surprised & pleased everyone. The before and after photos of this Granite & Limestone hallway floor restoration really showed off the hard work.

Polishing granite and Limestone at the same time Can through up complications. Fortunately we were over to overcome all these and make the floor look as good as new

Granite & Limestone floor after polishDo let us know if you would like any help advice with any aspect of natural stone floor care or renovations

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Polished Concrete in Cheltenham

Polished concrete Cheltenham: We were asked to provide a polished concrete floor for a new kitchen extension in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Polishing concrete as a finished flooring solution has been available in the commercial environment for a number of years. The antithetical qualities that have made it popular in the domestic environment are not always so important to business. It works a as a practical option primarily because it is extremely durable and hard to stain or spoil. Making maintenance much more simple. An other benefit to the commercial sector is the increased light reflectively of the polished surface greatly reduces lighting costs.

These benefits to business are a real help in the domestic environment as well. You ability to effectively maintain & care for your floor is greatly increased when you choose polished concrete. With the right maintenance you can keep it looking like its just been professionally finished for longer

Once the concrete had cured & dried our work began

Concrete floor before polishing

Concrete floor before polishing


Concrete floor before polishing

Concrete floor before polishing

We removed the surface and improved the layer below to a stronger more attractive finish


After - polished concrete Cheltenham

Concrete floor after polishing

After - polished concrete Cheltenham

Concrete floor after polishing

Please see our detailed information page on concrete floor polishing. If you are considering options for flooring please get in contact & we will help you with any questions

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Sealing & polishing flag stones

Sealing & polishing flag stones before and after

Sealing & polishing flag stones before and after

Sealing & polishing flag stones, while the kitchen units were removed from the room we stripped & cleaned the limestone flag stones.

This was a relatively routine stone floor cleaning but will help significantly with the ongoing maintenance of the floor. The final seal & polishing will stop the stone from staining so readily.

A shine can be added to flag stones by agitating & working the stone so that the surface naturally tightens up forming a polish or Belby layer. This is a better finish for natural stone than a synthetic sealer or wax that will spoil & wear out over time.

Each stone and floor is different and so is the approach to their care & maintenance. If you have any questions about caring for your stone floor please get in contact.

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