Improve the colour of natural stone floors

Over time natural stone floors can begin to look tired and unloved. Our professional cleaning processes can improve the colour of natural stone floors.

Floors have a hard life, take a lot of wear. The natural variations in the surface and the tiny pores collect soil and dirt as we walk over them.

But other factors take a toll on natural stone too, strong sunlight can have a bleaching effect on the stone surface. Along with some proprietary cleaning products will actually strip the colour from the stone.

We called in to a property near Northleach just East of Cheltenham to help out with the slate stone floor which was not looking its best.

After removing all of the old sealers and ground in dirt, we were able to expose the natural stone surface ready for the next process. We chose a product that would help ongoing maintenance of the stone draw out the colour & beauty of the Slate.

Unlike old-fashioned or cheap sealers this process does not leave a veneer-like plastic surface on the natural stone. The sealer molecules penetrate into the pours of the stone. Sealers that rely on covering the surface of the stone wear out in the main walkways where they are needed the most.

This penetrating sealer works from within the body of the stone repelling moisture and dirt.

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Posted by Bruce Swait

Riven slate floor restoration

Cotswold Stone Floor Cleaners are experts in Riven slate floor restoration. This kitchen floor just south of Oxford had been suffering from moisture build-up beneath the varnish that had been applied to the floor.

The seal build up can be seen around the edges of the tiles in the ‘before’ pictures below. The moisture had forced the varnish sealer away from the slate surface. Leaving an unfortunate ‘sunburnt skin’ look to the floor:

Riven slate floor cleaning

Riven slate floor restoration

We used metal sintered grinding diamonds to remove the seal along with the uneven riven nature to the floor. Once the floor was flush with the grout lines we then set about improving the stone surface to bring it up to a natural low sheen honed finish. The floor is all now on the same level making ongoing maintenance simple and displaying a natural stone at its best.

To find out more about Grinding & polishing natural stone please click this link.

while repelling any bills in stains from the surface the floor was also able to breve and allow evaporation of any moisture that may come from the subfloor.

To find out more about slate floors please click here

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Posted by Bruce Swait
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