Limestone Floor Deep clean & seal, Tetbury Gloucestershire

March 11, 2023 Posted by Bruce Swait In

Hi Bruce 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you – the floor looks brilliant, back to new again and lovely to see every day. 

Thank you, 


What we did to this Natural stoen floor


Limestone floors when sealed well tend to loss some of their shine with use over a few years. Although the polish is a natural finish on the stone tile, constant walking tends to dull it off. Particually in the kitchen where everyone spends a lot of time, cooking, eating & drinking. This floor is used reguraly by several dogs too, making the maintenance a bit of a headache.

Once the stubborn dirt & grime was removed from the natural floor tiles with the stone cleaning & stripping machines. We naturally restored the shine by polishing it with diamonds abrasives. This makes the stone itself shine rather than relying on a sealer sitting on the surface that will spoil & yellow over time. We can then apply the impregnating sealer into the body of the stone that remains affective for around 15 years if looked after. A natural polish is always recommeded over a artificual finish.

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