Technical Info

Technical Information

PlaceholderCotswold carpet cleaners are continually looking for ways to improve both carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Outlined below is by far our most popular method, Hot water extraction. As the carpet and upholstery servicing market expands and develops, new cleaning methods are surfacing.

Stain Guarding is a method designed to protect you carpets and furniture. it a simple method and cost effective to prolong the life of your upholstery.

The majority of carpets are made from wool, synthetics or a mixture of both. Hot water extraction cleaning (commonly known as steam cleaning) is generaly considered throughout the industry as the most effective approach. Professional stain removal and deodorizing are available.


[special_font size=”36″ unit=”px” ]Typical Approach[/special_font]

[toggle title=”STEP 1 -INSPECTION” opened=”no” ]PlaceholderWe thoroughly inspect all areas to be cleaned with our customer to determine their cleaning needs and identify any areas that may require special attention.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”STEP 2 –PRE-TREATING” opened=”no” ]We us a high-pressure spraying system to apply the cleaning agent which penetrates deep into the carpet fibre to help loosen and suspend the embedded soils.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”STEP 3 –NEUTRALIZING RINSE” opened=”no” ]In conjunction with our hot water extraction unit, our powerful rinsing agent helps remove the soil from your carpet and upholstery leaving them clean, soft and virtually residue free.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”STEP 4 – GROOMING” opened=”no” ]We thoroughly groom the carpet fibre to enhance the appearance. Grooming helps to expedite the drying time, allowing our customers to walk on their carpet sooner.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”STEP 5 –POST-INSPECTION” opened=”no” ]We invite our customers to personally perform a walk-through inspection with our technician to ensure that all service needs are completed to their satisfaction.[/toggle]


Cotswold Carpet Cleaners offer a very broad range of soft furnishing cleaning services.

We clean all types of carpet.

carpet fibre

Although some carpets are made of blends of different fibres, most carpets are made entirely of one of the following four fibre types:


Nylon Carpet Fibre – Durable and versatile, nylon is the most widely used carpet fibre. Most nylon styles today recieve a stain-resist treatment for protection against household spills and stains.

PlaceholderPolypropylene Carpet Fibre (olefin) – The use of polypropylene in carpet has grown dramatically over the past ten years. Polypropylene will not absorb water and is extremely resistant to stains, fading, and moisture.
PlaceholderPolyester Carpet Fibre – Polyester offers exceptional softness and color clarity, and it is also naturally stain and fade resistant.

Wool Carpet Fibre – Wool is luxurious and much more expensive than synthetic fibress. Wool offers moderate soil and stain resistance.  From Axminster to Wilton. Including Burber twist and cut pile carpet weeves. Whether the carpet fibres are pure wool, 80/20, virgin wool or any wool mix. We can formulate our cleaning methods to suit the carpet type. It is particualy important with wool to ensure minimum residue is left in the carpet after cleaning.




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