Slate Stone Floor

Slate, the stone

Slate comes in a number of vibrant colours that can be transformed by our craftsmen. Specialist slate sealer and colour enhancers will rejuvenate and protect the natural look of you slate for years to come.

The finish on Slate floor and wall tiles vary greatly. From rustic, traditional to very smooth clean lines giving a very modern feel. To avoid scratches and build up of dirt, regular slate cleaning 7 maintenance is vital.Slate floor and wall tile cleaning, restoration, sealing and maintenance

Slate is a popular choice in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. It is widely used in high traffic areas such as hotels and receptions in Stroud, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Cirencester. To get the best from your Slate we can offer a range of cleaning and restoration methods. We can offer many options on finished look while retaining maximum protection for your natural stone.

Slate is also a great stone for patios & outside areas. There are a number of processes we can apply to keep a slate patio looking its best

Sealed Slate floor tiles

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