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We maintain many floors throughout Gloucestershire & the surrounding counties of Somerset, Bristol, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire & Wiltshire.
Flooring types including Altro & Omine Safety flooring. Deep cleaning these surfaces helps to remove soil deposits that can prevent the floors from performing as they were designed.

Regular maintenance on commercial flooring keeps it looking good
Regular maintenance on commercial flooring does more than keeping it looking good.
Sports hall floor
A clean sports hall floor looks better & lasts longer

Sports hall floors often receive a lot of use. Soil deposits can quickly build up the paws in the surface design to reduce slippages. Regular cleaning may become inefficient. We can help your in-house team stay on top of the cleaning with regular interval cleaning. If a sports hall floor is left unchecked for too long the likelihood of permanent damage occurring increases. Surface soil builds up will affect the way the floor performs. The residues can act like a sandpaper. working fine particle grit against the flooring surface will speed up its degradation. We can work in partnership with your in-house team to ensure your floor performs well & achieves its life expectancy.

We provide high tolerance polished concrete floors to the commercial sector

Restoring Portland Limestone city centre office stairway
Restoring Portland Limestone city centre office stairway
Deep cleaning Altro flooring
Deep cleaning (Altro) Safety flooring

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